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Keeping up with Google through Twitter

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One of the best things about Google Apps (and all the other Google services) is how often they get updated.  It seems like every day there is a new feature or option added to Google Documents, Gmail, Blogger, or some other service.  If you are a Google Apps administrator for your school, it is especially important to know what changes are coming (or have arrived) so your users won't get confused with the changes and can make the best use of the improvements.

So how do you stay in the loop on all the new things Google is rolling out?  In this article we will take a look at Twitter, one way to get a steady feed of the latest and greatest in Google news (a following article will cover a second source of information).

Option 1 - Twitter

Twitter is a great source of information. ideas, and links on just about any topic, including Google.  Over time I have found quite a few Google-related Twitter accounts that are useful to follow.

To make it easy to pull just the Google content together in one place, I have a separate Twitter account just for Google information, and then I use that account to follow the Google-related Twitter users.  Then using the TweetDeck app for Chrome, I can view all the Google tweets in one convenient column.

As for who I follow...

Google Services

Most all of the Google services have their own Twitter account to share any news or developments related to that service.  Any time a new feature is released, these Twitter accounts are usually the first to announce it.
Google Employees

Additionally there are several employees at Google that make good use of Twitter to share helpful reminders, announce new information, and highlight other posts of interest to educators.
Google-related Blogs

Finally, there are quite a few blogs that cover Google news and rumors.  Many of these blogs have corresponding Twitter accounts, which can be a great source of rumors, sneak peeks, breaking news, and opinion.
And of course, you can always follow the Twitter account for our Apps User Group ( as I use it to highlight the most relevant tweets from all of the above accounts, as well as news from our site.

Have you found other Twitter accounts that are good sources of Google news, tips, and information?  If so, add your suggestions to the comments below.