Student Portfolio in Sites

Student portfolios can be created with a number of tools and services. One good option is to use Google Sites. Some reasons for using Sites for portfolios would be:
  • It is easy to use, so students of all ages could use it (I have seen students as low as 2nd grade using Sites for portfolios)
  • Permissions can  be set as needed to make the student portfolio public to the world or only visible by certain people. 
  • Templates can be made for students to use for building their portfolio sites, providing structure and consistency.
  • Sites integrates with many services, making it easy to add content to the site.
  • Content can be uploaded directly to the site, or the students can store everything in their Google Drive and then add content from there. (I would recommend using Drive to store their work, since they have more storage space in Drive, and can manage all their content in one place.)
  • It’s free.


 Help guide - "Google Sites for Schools" - Google Document Link
 Managing Digital Portfolios by Kern Kelley - Website Link
 Example Grade 2 portfolio template  - Website link