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Track and Calculate your Mileage

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I am constantly looking for ways to simplify my work-flows. If it is not easy I try to find a way to make it easy. My district reimburses me for mileage traveled between buildings as well as to conferences. I thought of a few different ways to accomplish this easily, I could use an app to track it, I could pull data from foursquare, or I could create a Google Form and have a link to it on my computer, my ipad, as well as my iPhone.

What I did: Create a google form that has my buildings as well as an "other" box to type addresses. The spreadsheet will than take my choices, convert them to addresses and than get the mileage and directions from Google Maps.

For full instructions including all of the spreadsheet formulas you need, see this blog post:
Submitted by: TJ Houston, Huron City Schools