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A Gaggle of Uses for Google Apps

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Presenter: Eric Curts
Session Description: Google Apps has dozens of programs with hundreds of uses for schools. See practical K-12 examples from our district and others covering uses for Gmail, Google Calendar, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, Sites, and more. Examples will include student collaboration, paperless classrooms, parent surveys, class and activity websites and blogs, electronic portfolios, role-playing projects, shared calendars, Parent-Teacher conference scheduling, resource signup, homework calendars, shared resource repositories, improved writing revision for students, tracking inventory, self-grading quizzes, increased communication, data collection, and more.

Videos: Below are links to full video recordings of this training session.
Resources: Below are handouts, documents, presentations, and other related materials for this training session.
Selected Examples: (more in the presentation)
  • Email
    • Easy email communication with large groups of staff, students, and parents - Link
  • Google Calendar
    • School calendars for district, buildings, classes, teams, and more - Link
    • Sign-up for shared resources, labs, and such - Link
    • Homework hotline - Link
    • Scheduling Parent/Teacher Conferences - Link - Link
  • Google Documents
    • Collaborative lesson planning - Link
    • Shared resource repositories - Link - Link
    • Improve student writing revision process - Link
    • Collaborative student note taking - Link
  • Google Spreadsheets
    • Collect and analyze subject specific data - Link
    • Track inventory (books, supplies, equipment) - Link
    • Floorplans - Link
    • Play Snakes! - Link
  • Google Presentations
    • Student book talks - Link
  • Google Forms
    • Sign up for lab usage - Link
    • Collect data for science experiments - Link
    • Online quizzes and tests for students - Link
  • Google Sites
    • Web site for district, school, class, activities - Link
    • Student portfolio - Link
    • Online learning activities, webquests - Link
    • Online curriculum collection and map - Link
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