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Desktop Distance Learning with Google Hangouts


 Eric Curts

Session Description: To do distance learning in the past meant expensive special equipment, software, and connections. Now with Google Hangouts you can connect to anyone across the hall or around the world right from your computer for free. Learn all about using Hangouts including connecting with up to 15 people, screen sharing, chatting, and more. Also see how to find distance learning opportunities including Google's Connected Classroom, the EduHangouts site, Mystery Location Call schools, and more.

Resources: Below are handouts, documents, presentations, and other related materials for this training session.

Session presentation:
 Google Hangouts for Schools - Google Slides link
 Session discussion document - Google Document link
 Session evaluation - Google Form link

Places to find educational Hangouts:
Connected Classroom Community - G+ Community link
G+eduhangout Community - G+ Community link
Mystery Location Calls - G+ Community link
Google in Education on Google+ - G+ link

Additional help guides for education Hangouts:
Using Yes/No Questions for Mystery Location Calls - Google Document link
Mystery Location Call Roles - Google Document link
Cybrary Man's Mystery Location Call resources - Website link
 "Google+ for Schools" Help Guide - Google Document link

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