Google Apps Technical Academy


Eric Curts

Session Description:
Get under the hood of Google Apps and learn best practices, tips, and tricks for managing and administering all aspects of Google Apps for Education including:
  • Email management - compliance filters, domain restrictions, objectionable word lists
  • Chromebook management - user settings, device settings, network settings, deploying web apps and extensions
  • Google Classroom - using and managing Google's new work flow solution for paperless classes
  • GAM (Google Apps Manager) - a powerful tool for batch operations including creating users, editing users, setting passwords, organizing users, and more
  • GADS (Google Apps Directory Sync) - creating and maintaining users with a sync between GAFE and Active Directory
  • GAPS (Google Apps Password Sync) - keeping passwords in sync between GAFE and Active Directory
  • Flash Panel - free tool to help you interface with Google's APIs for easy access to user files, reports on sharing and usage, and more.

Resources: Below are handouts, documents, presentations, and other related materials for this training session.

 Help Guide - "Google Apps Admin Console Overview" - Google Docs Link
 Help Guide - "Chromebook Management Overview" - Google Docs Link
 Help Guide - "Google Apps Manager (GAM) Overview" - Google Docs Link

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