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There's a Web App for That!


 Eric Curts
Session Description: Web Apps are programs that run online in your web browser, giving you and your students access from any computer, anytime, anywhere. Learn how to find, install, and manage web apps. See an overview of some of the best web apps available for schools including tools for concept webs, presentations, video editing, subject specific content, student helpers, and more. This session will be valuable for any school trying to use more web-based resources, 1:1 programs, Chromebooks, and such. 

Resources: Below are handouts, documents, presentations, and other related materials for this training session.

 Web Apps & Extensions for Schools - Google Slides link
 List of good Chrome Web Apps for schools - website link
 List of good Chrome Extensions for schools - website link
 Web App Reviews - website link
 Chrome Web App overview - YouTube link
 Chrome Web Extension overview - YouTube link
 Using Chrome Sync - YouTube link
 Share your favorite web apps and extensions - Google Sheets link
 Chromebook Management Overview - Google Document link

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